It’s been more than a year since I posted to the Angry Czeck.

There was a time when the Angry Czeck was very important to me. But then it all became pointless. You can rage and you can seethe and you can stew in self-righteous anger, but people listen only to their own rage and seethings and self-righteous anger.

I don’t need Angry Czeck.

Everyone else needs an Angry Czeck.

The argument is ceaseless. There is no truth, just perspective. A friend once asked me if I believed in ultimate truth, and before I realized that he was setting me up for a religious sermon, I said “yes,” there is an ultimate truth, just as there is ultimate right and ultimate wrong.

But there is no right and wrong. No truth and lie. Whatever you believe is truth, even if your beliefs evolve into something else. It’s just newer truth.

Accepting this negates any need for argument. Raise your voice, and you’re just yelling. Compile a list of bullet points defending your stance, forget it. Somebody has a list of points contradicting your own. Sure, minor truths evolve. I used to believe The Sixth Sense was a good movie. Now I don’t. That’s not opinion. It’s truth. We can argue all damn day. You can’t convince me that The Sixth Sense isn’t a piece of shit.

That’s why I haven’t posted to this blog in more than a year.



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