I am no expert on Christopher Lee.

That said, I prefer him to any Count Dracula who has ever graced the silver screen. He was the pissed off Dracula. The Dracula who gave zero fucks. The Dracula who was smooth with the ladies but could also deliver an unbreakable throttling whenever he wanted to.

He brought the Draction.

I wish I saw Christopher Lee’s Dracula before I saw Bela Legosi’s, because Bela’s became my brain’s Dracula default. But Lee crushed the role. Crushed it like he crushed Peter Cushing’s windpipe. Lee didn’t blush around naked vampire ladies or avert his eyes from heaving bodices. He certainly didn’t give a shit if you didn’t see his reflection in the mirror.He only gave a shit about sunlight and wooden stakes.

Christopher Lee was 6’5″ which means he could suck the blood right off the top of your head. It’s a shame he never got around to snapping Gary Oldman’s Dracula in half. He probably thought Frank Langella was a pussy. Do you know how badass you have to be to think Frank Langella is a pussy?

Farewell, Christopher Lee. You were 93 years old, which is Draculean in of itself.



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