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I have no interests outside of subjecting my will upon others, reveling in your failure and bathing in your shame. I also enjoy Scrabble®.

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    Posted on 15 Apr 2005 In: Uncategorized

    Superman is a Big Pussy

    I have a friend who enjoys Superman. I guess he doesn’t know that Superman is a pussy. If nothing could hurt me, I’d be sanctimonous like Superman. I’d stand around with my hands on my hips, too, like Lee Marvin picking up sailors. Mostly, I’d complain that Lois can’t generate enough super-suction to perform a [...]

    Posted on 15 Apr 2005 In: Uncategorized

    Cell Phones Are Fucking Wrecking Humanity

    The first response I get when I express my dim view of cell phones is a horrified expression of disbelief. The same look Moses probably endured when he busted the first copy of the Ten Commandments. “You’re stupid, Harper. Cell phones make things easy. You’re a caveman. You have no testicles.” Wrong. I don’t have [...]

    Posted on 15 Apr 2005 In: Uncategorized

    Fuck it. I’m moving to Knoxville.

    I am moving to Knoxville. Wish me well.